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Technological Advantage at Krai Solutions

At Krai Solutions, we pride ourselves on leveraging a diverse and advanced technology stack to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Our technological expertise spans across various platforms, languages, and tools, ensuring we can meet a wide range of business needs with precision and efficiency.

Cloud Hosting and Platforms

Amazon Web Services (AWS): Our proficiency in AWS enables us to offer scalable, secure, and robust cloud hosting and platform services, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Programming Languages

Java and Python: We utilize these powerful languages for backend development, ensuring robust and scalable applications.

AngularJS and ReactJS: Our front-end development is enhanced by these modern JavaScript frameworks, delivering responsive and dynamic user interfaces.

Web Technologies

Spring MVC, Apache Struts, Java Server Pages (JSP): These technologies form the backbone of our web development services, enabling us to create high-performing and secure web applications.

Technologies and Frameworks

DevSecOps, JEE, JMS, EJB: We integrate these technologies to ensure secure and efficient application development and deployment.

SOAP Web Services, REST, Web Services: Our expertise in these web services technologies allows for seamless integration and communication between different systems and applications.

Spring Ecosystem (Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Roo): We leverage the Spring ecosystem for its versatility in building enterprise-grade applications.

Hibernate: This ORM tool is utilized for efficient database management and data persistence.

Development and Testing Tools

Git, Bitbucket, Jenkins, JIRA, Subversion: These tools enable efficient version control, continuous integration, and project management.

Selenium, JMeter, Gatling, LoadRunner: Our testing suite includes these tools for comprehensive testing, ensuring the reliability and performance of applications.

DevSecOps Tools

OWAPS, SonarQube, Jenkins, AWS CodePipeline/CodeBuild/CodeDeploy: We employ these tools to integrate security into the development lifecycle, ensuring secure and compliant solutions.


MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, DB2: Our database expertise encompasses these platforms, allowing us to handle complex data requirements easily.

Search Engines

Endeca, Elasticsearch, SOLR, Google Search Appliance: We specialize in implementing these search engines, enhancing data retrieval and analysis capabilities.

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Krai Solutions helps organizations transform and enhance their business processes using IT best practices such as Agile, DevSecOps and innovative approaches to solve challenging problems...

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