Cloud Computing

Enterprises looking to become more agile and responsive to the changing market landscape are turning to the cloud. Cloud is no longer evaluated in isolation, but is an integral part of any Information Technology strategy. With enterprises moving towards delivering IAAS cloud has become essential in realizing business value.

Our cloud services are designed to help organizations make the right choices in maximizing returns from their cloud investments. Besides bringing cloud strategies to life, our understanding of legacy infrastructure and applications allows us to deploy and manage solutions that coexist on premise and on the cloud. This helps lay the foundation for the digital enterprise of tomorrow. We also work with our AWS clients to manage their systems in AWS cloud or design and implement solutions including but not limited to Serverless and microservices applications.

At National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC) providing a FedRAMP compliant managed services for e-GOS, ensuring a consistent platform for administering contracts for IT procurement. The Electronic-Government Ordering System (e-GOS) meets government procurement, e-Business, CRM, workflow, and document management needs. We maintain and manage e-GOS in an AWS FedRAMP-certified cloud, ensuring compliance, reliability, and security. Our enterprise services and program management for e-GOS assists thousands of government officials and contractors rapidly procure quality technologies that better serve the public. We are involved into migration the procurement system into AWS cloud platform using best practices such as Agile, DevOps, CI/CD and migrating the database servers from on-premises SQL Servers to AWS RDS. The database is composed of about 240 tables and 470 triggers.

Our expertise with Amazon Cloud Web Services (AWS) includes but not limited:

  • Technology transition from on premise to AWS Cloud
  • Streamlined onboarding and cloud infrastructure provisioning using Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • DevSecOps & Continuous Monitoring, & QA Automation
  • Cloud native, serverless and Microservices architecture-based development.
  • Cloud Monitoring and Orchestration for optimization of performance and reducing total cost of ownership
  • Enterprise-class Container Management and Container Orchestration using Docker.

Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Implemented a software as a service (SaaS) ML / DL platform. Users can upload and store text, media and various file types and then extract those files into a variety of AWS intelligent tools and resources. Platform services include: Textract, Polly, Translate, Transcribe, Comprehend, Fraud Detector, Recognition
  • Implemented RPA process to automate a financial loan application system that combine the power of RPA and Machine Leaning with UiPath
  • Eliminate manual process involved in loan application process
  • Decrease business processes workflow life cycle
  • Intelligent Process Automation to expedite processing of data extraction and relationships mapping from unstructured documents
  • Prototype of Intelligent Process Automation to expedite processing of business procedures such as a loan application.
  • Combines capabilities of Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), ML / DL and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Machine Learning models that categorize and predict decisions, and self-learns through corrections
  • "See" and understand handwritten applications emailed to the board using ML/DL/Natural Language Processing
  • Reduction in processing time for common applications.

Data Management Solutions

  • Building Data Lakes (DaaS) that support End-to-End Data Management Services – Ingestion, Storing, Processing, Enriching, and Serving.
  • Support varying volume, velocity and variety of data coming from multiple sources
  • Using AWS Lake Formation making it easy to discover, cleanse, transform, and ingest data into data lake from various sources; Define fine-grained permissions at database, table or column level and then share controlled across analytic, machine learning and ETL services.
  • Using Lake Formation to grant data access to users from a central location and orchestrate data flows
  • Automate the high lift of tasks involved with Data Lake setup
  • Data Quality Assurance – Data Cleansing to remove erroneous, duplicate, incomplete and obsolete records
  • Machine Learning / Deep Leaning for Data Cleaning
  • Data Migration – Schema Conversion, Data Migration planning and automation
  • Database Administration and Development

Digital Transformation

Krai Solutions delivers the software solutions that put client needs first. Our applications are designed and implemented using best practices and tools to increase Revenue and save cost. Our multi-tier architecture offers the benefits of performance improvement, scalability, extensibility, maintainability, and manageability.

In addition, Krai Solutions accelerates the modernization of legacy IT environments and deploys next-generation digital ecosystems. We automate routine processes and incorporate managed and shared services to increase cost savings and efficiency.

Our focuses include :

  • Enterprise Application Architecture & Development
  • Modernizing business applications and data with Cloud Platforms
  • Microservices and Serverless based architecture.
  • Wide range of technology stacks


  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing(DAST), and Software Composition Analysis(SCA)
  • DevSecOps CI/CD Pipelines that continuously scan and create artifacts to expedite build, deployment, and implement controls
  • Shifting Security to the left with DevSecOps to catch vulnerabilities during development, build and deployment steps before codes end up in production environment
  • DevSecOps & Continuous Monitoring, & QA Automation
  • By embedding automated security controls and tests early in the development cycle, we ensure secure and fast deliveries.


Our cyber security experience includes strengthening network and data integrity through control assessments to penetration testing in partnership with AWS. We empower business to protect their physical and virtual assets and use proven methodologies such as Agile and DevSecOps tools to establish flexible and customizable solutions. Our systems are projected using industry authentication and authorization best practices coupled with MFA and data at rest an in-transit encryption tools and services such as SSL, TLS and AWS RDS data encryption.

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • DevSecOps CI/CD Pipelines for Security scans and audits
  • SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting

Quality Assurance

Our Software Quality Assurance approach employs leading best practices, time-tested methodologies, and skilled resources across the spectrum of testing disciplines. Our test methodology is designed to increase the depth and breadth of tests, enabling the team to meet and exceed test objectives. One of the primary focus points in our testing approach is to consider product failure risk and devise different types of tests to ensure risks are identified and eliminated early in the life cycle. Our test processes consider the following attributes and leading practices:

  • Consider Risk Based testing techniques
  • Support for agile development and agile processes
  • Early participation of test teams
  • Short and frequent test iterations
  • Focus on validating for production quality code standards and techniques for
    • Continuous improvement
    • Process Improvement (Test Process improvement, Defect prevention etc.,)
    • Identification, design and development of test frameworks and productivity enhancers
  • Base lining, benchmarking, and measuring progress against preset quality gates, exit criteria

Our branded Quality Assurance Process (KraiQAs) is build by combining Test Driven Development (TDD), Unit Testing, Code Quality and Security Control with SonarQube, CI/CD code pipeline and Test Automation tools in our build and deployment code pipeline.

User Experience Design

Our User experience team provides a creative hub for customer experience strategy & design, mobile app design & development, Conversion optimization and Heuristic analytics best practices.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Heuristic and Usability Analysis
  • Customization
  • Personalization

Systems Integration

We believe that integrating new capabilities into existing customer solutions typically provides the best return on investment not rebuilding from scratch. We help companies with their Information Technology systems integration allowing them to realize the full benefit of their software investments.

Organizations are adopting technology-driven business models to derive competitive advantage. Krai Solutions Systems Integration services use a pragmatic approach to build Information Technology infrastructure that helps you address critical business needs.

Our services include program management, technology consulting, solution architecture and management, implementation and training support, service level management, hosting and managed services. We have experience with Web Services, Java Messaging Services, Database integrations and much more.

Throughout the years we have implemented dozens of enterprise applications using Java EE and Spring frameworks. Key personnel have experiences integrating e-commerce solutions with payment gateways such at CyberSource, tax ware and address verification systems, Order Management and Fulfillment systems like SAP, search engines systems or implementing enterprise solutions based on REST webservices and SOA (service-oriented architecture).

Search Engine Implementation

Our unmatched expertise with Oracle Endeca helps organizations leverage the power of Oracle Endeca Commerce's guided navigation, search and merchandising capabilities thereby giving the power to business users to control how contents are presented to customers and to users to find contents easily and faster..

Key personnel have implemented about 6 search engines solutions for organizations like NITAAC, APC, Schneider Electric, and Teleflora using best in class search engine platform solutions such as Oracle Commerce Search formerly Endeca, SOLR and Elasticsearch.

Our services include Endeca Search tools installation, setup and configuration, Search Integration with eCommerce solutions, Endeca Search Solutions maintenance and support.

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Krai Solutions helps organizations transform and enhance their business processes using IT best practices such as Agile, DevSecOps and innovative approaches to solve challenging problems..

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