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Krai Solutions’ quality assurance (QA) program includes quality control (QC) and performance monitoring, service-level management, and change management. Our QA/QC procedures ensure successful management and control of our customer’s requirements and initiatives, simultaneously providing the client with an iterative and ongoing collaborative feedback mechanism throughout the contract's life cycle. Our QA/QC methodology is designed to increase the depth and breadth of tests, enabling the team to meet and exceed test objectives.

Quality Assurance (QA) provides accurate assessments of critical deliverables during each phase of the project and provides information and controls on individual components to ensure deliverables are met. Quality assurance is an ongoing process with both formal and informal oversight and reviews.

Quality Assurance is a continuous process that Krai Solutions integrates into every activity and phase of a project. This minimizes major issues and catches potential issues before they can impact cost, time, or resources. Krai Solutions believes that beyond process and plans is a quality culture which charges each member of the team with taking personal responsibility and ownership for the quality of his or her work; ensuring their activities meet contractual requirements, Krai Solutions, and client expectations. We establish and maintain a culture for sustained and continuous quality improvement, including:

  • Streamlining our company’s and customer’s QA processes to successfully deliver a project capable of assessing, controlling, and delivering quality services
  • Providing services and solutions that comply with team and government quality policies, contracts, procedures, specifications, and standards
  • Consistently providing the government with defect-free, high-quality services on schedule and within budget; and
  • Continually identifying opportunities for continuous improvement based on industry best practices while anticipating government needs, maximizing value, and reducing cost

Our branded Quality Assurance Process (KraiQAs) is build by combining Test Driven Development (TDD), Unit Testing, Code Quality and Security Control with SonarQube, CI/CD code pipeline and Test Automation tools in our build and deployment code pipeline.

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