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Krai Solutions’ data management services include business intelligence, predictive analytics, peporting and visualization with Tableau or AWS QuickSight, databases design, development and refactoring, administration and migration that provides insight and make your information actionable. Our solutions offer flexibility in choosing the best, most affordable means that best suits your mission and objectives, enabling the control and security required for your journey to the cloud.

Krai Solutions supports on premise/cloud, NoSQL, or SQL capabilities – structured or unstructured -- using industry best practices and tools for data integration from disparate sources to provide users with a unified view. Our Database Engineers and Administrators are highly experienced in building interfaces among disparate relational databases.

Krai Solutions employs industry best practices with proven tools to mitigate threats posed by structured and unstructured data; we coordinate comprehensive database and file security with proactive threat analytics and complete end-to-end forensics.

Krai Solutions is well-experienced to extract actionable data from mobile devices, smartphones, wearable technologies, and in-building sensors. Krai Solutions implements and deploys automated mechanisms to ingest data from multiple source, extract the data, and then stores the data into structured or unstructured data lakes using automation such as AWS Lake Formation.

Krai Solutions' services include:

  • Building Data Lakes (DaaS) that support End-to-End Data Management Services – Ingestion, Storing, Processing, Enriching, and Serving.
  • Support varying volume, velocity and variety of data coming from multiple sources
  • Using AWS Lake Formation making it easy to discover, cleanse, transform, and ingest data into data lake from various sources; Define fine-grained permissions at database, table or column level and then share controlled across analytic, machine learning and ETL services.
  • Using Lake Formation to grant data access to users from a central location and orchestrate data flows
  • Automate the high lift of tasks involved with Data Lake setup
  • Data Quality Assurance – Data Cleansing to remove erroneous, duplicate, incomplete and obsolete records
  • Machine Learning / Deep Leaning for Data Cleaning
  • Database refractorint, and design, Data Migration – Schema Conversion, Data Migration planning and automation
  • Database Administration and Development

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Krai Solutions helps organizations transform and enhance their business processes using IT best practices such as Agile, DevSecOps and innovative approaches to solve challenging problems...

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